Short on retirement funds? Try Bali

If you’re looking for a retirement destination on the cheap, consider what Judith Schneider has to say. Schneider, a 68 year-old California woman, retired with her husband to the Indonesian island of Bali, and recently wrote about her experiences in the Wall Street Journal.

In her article, Schneider says the year-round warm weather, the relaxed atmosphere of the community, and the natural beauty all attracted the couple to the island.

And the prices.

“A reasonable monthly budget for home maintenance, transportation, food and entertainment is about $1,000,” she writes in the Journal.
She and her husband hired a full-time chef to cook all their meals for them, for a total of $75 per month. The average amount for a haircut is fifty cents, and their home is leased for 20 years for a grand total of $50,000.

Of course, Schneider says there are also downsides to living in Bali. The standard of living on the island is low, poverty is widespread, and medical care is not the same quality as what one would find in the United States or Canada.

But despite the imperfections, she says it’s a dream retirement destination. “Most days border on the breathtaking,” she writes.