Sex Education for Seniors Combats STDs

Sex in the City raised awareness of single women and their promiscuous social lives.

Now, - a nationwide collective of professional sexuality educators - has been launched to safeguard sexual intimacy between older adults. With good cause: sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) have the highest growth rate in the United States among the 55+ crowd.

A PR Newswire Release describes the campaign's positive approach. A video of fully-clothed seniors in Kama Sutra positions is deployed rather than utilizing negative approaches that frighten the 55+ demographic with stats on unsafe sex. A creative, humorous response was conceived as more empowering.

Melanie Davis, PhD, CSE, and coordinator for "The PSA  . . . celebrates the sexuality of adults in mid- and older age. The joy in the actors' faces captures the message we need to get across: that healthy, protected sex is life affirming and enriching."

Experts feel that the older adult epidemic of STDs arises from a lack of sex education during a more 'Victorian' era when stigmas about safe sex discussions existed.

Sex education is offered in Assisted Living and Continuing Care residences.