Sex is a Birthright for Seniors says Psychologist

STDs and how to prevent them. Condoms. Safe sex. These are traditional subjects taught to teenagers in highschool.

The average life expectancy has gone from 50 to nearly 80 over the decades. Modern seniors are seeking the answers to questions that before were non-existent. Erectile dysfunction medications, and how to practice safe sex while living in a long-term care facilities, are real issues.

Doree Lynn, a clinical psychologist and “sexpert”, visited Lynchberg College in Virginia and raised topics from safe sex and sexual aids to the need for communication and the power of human touch.

Lynn, the author of three books and founder of, has been featured in AARP and Grand Magazine, to name a few media sources.

“Sex is your birthright; it keeps you healthy,” Lynn told The News & Advance. “Sex drive hormones tend to fade with age, but our core sexuality never goes away.”

Lynn promotes more sex education for adults, health care providers and physicians. Older adults need frank and detailed talks about sex; society needs to realize that the elderly are sexually active.

Lynn's sexual secrets for older adults revolves around keeping sex exciting, exercising, and maximizing cognition. Thoughts, feelings and expectations help shape what is sexy. Physical exercise keeps strong bodies and brains.

“Living a longer and more active life includes sex,” Lynn told The News & Advance. “I believe that 50 and 60 can be a whole lot sexier than 18. We can understand ourselves better.”

The rise of STDs in nursing care residences has made Lynn an advocate of condom use at any age.