Seniors Share Mixed Feelings for Social Media

Seniors in the state of Washington have an advantage. If they want to get connected, they can turn to the top player of the computer world, Microsoft. Team up the software giant with the primo advocate for older adults, AARP, and there's a lot of learning that can take place. A lot of learning did.

“Get Connected,” hosted by AARP and Microsoft offered a free event on social media, and drew a capacity crowd of more than 325 seniors that packed the conference center at Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond, reported Seattle Pi.

On hand was Marsha Collier, author of “Facebook and Twitter for Seniors for Dummies” who was able to give the beginner's touch to what is often perceived as a foreign media - social networking. And Microsoft reps were on hand to give safety tips on Internet socializing, such as video chat, sessions on making computers more compatible for seeing, hearing, and daily use.

Others participated virtually through a livestream on AARP’s Facebook page. AARP stats show that seniors are utilizing social media in record numbers with Facebook and LinkedIn being the favorite pit stops. But seniors expressed caution regarding social media safety at the conference.

It's still a mixed bag. Seniors are embracing social media as a great way to keep in the touch, according to AARP’s survey, but many say it's a “waste of time.”