A Senior's September Preparations for Christmas

Hobbies are a good way to keep the hands and mind active. They help pass the time and can lead to an expertise in one's field of choice.

For older adults, there are a lot of crafts that are available and are low in cost. Like knitting. It's old-fashioned, it's rhythmic, relaxing, and ultimately, produces a useable product: blankets, scarves, sweaters, and much more. Knitting is an excellent hobby for residents in Active Lifestyle and Continuing Care.

Since summer, Winnifred Foote, 90, from Stephenville, NF, has been knitting woollen mitts and gloves, socks and stocking caps to be shipped off to Canada's largest city, Toronto, ON.

“It’s a great past time. I do a lot of knitting,” she told The Western Star.

Her son Curtis is a big help, buying the wool his mother. The Street Health Community Nursing Foundation of the City of Toronto, who deal with about 4,300 people in need of help, will be issuing the knitted items.

“We asked that the knitted wear be given out at Christmas because to us the true meaning of the season is in giving, not receiving,” son Curtis told the media source.

“I had no choice but to learn how to knit as we had to do our ‘work’ before we were allowed out playing or going skating," Winnifred told the media source. "I was part of a family of 13 children and none of us went to school but we did a lot of fishing, rabbit catching and hunting,” she said.

Winnifred is a cancer survivor, and son Curtis is proud of her, and the work she's done to make a better world.