Seniors say Good Riddance to Clutter

There are a lot of ideas that people have about what would make a better life. Stop drinking coffee; become vegan; exercise more; get a better job. Such promises fall under the umbrella term - resolutions. And, most of them are broken within the first week of the New Year.

But, it seems that the calendar gives us a second chance to improve with the coming of spring. It's the time to clean away all the household detritus that's been accumulating for months. This annual ritual is called 'Spring Cleaning'.

In hipper terms it's called decluttering. And decluttering is especially important for seniors who are aging in place, for purposes of safety and overall enjoyment of life. Because they've lived longer, seniors may have built up a store of collectibles they haven't touched in months or years. That's where a professional declutterer comes in.

Susan Borax and Heather Knittel of the Burnabybased Good Riddance Professional Organizing Solutions spoke with Burnaby NOW. The cleaning couples' advice to readers of Burnaby NOW was: "Start in the storage areas of your home - basement, attic etc. Often the belongings stored away in these areas have been long forgotten and don't add value to your lifestyle. So, what that means is decisions to keep, toss or donate will be much easier to get the ball rolling."

Borax and Knittel told the media source that 'toys' were the most difficult decluttering items for families. "Too many families have too many toys for their children who are allowed to play with them throughout the house."

Keeping the home organized is healthier and better on the pocketbook said the mavens of cleanliness. "Our focus is on residential organization, with an expertise in downsizing, working with boomers and seniors who have decided to relocate from the family home who have decades of stuff," Borax and Knittel told Burnaby NOW.

An advantage that retirement residences Assisted Living and Continuing Care have to Aging in Place is the presence of paid staff to help keep cleanup to a minimum.