Seniors Look for True Love on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a centuries' old secular observance on February 14. It's a day when lovers and married partners take time to show their long lasting affection through flowers, chocolates, cards and dinners. Romance is in the air.

That's all well and good if you're in a relationship, but if not, how does a person get into one, especially if your 60+. Easy. Go online and get involved in a dating site. It's become the latest way for the grey generation to get hooked up.

Lally Rementilla, vice-president for Lavalife Prime, a Toronto-based online dating site, told The Toronto Star: “People planning for retirement now are the generation that launched the sexual revolution.” A third of Lavalife Prime's members are over the age of 60.

“Their outlook on relationships is different. They’re more open-minded about what comes after the death of a loved one or divorce or separation,” Rementilla, told the media source. “And from an economic perspective, they’re fairly well off, with disposable income to use towards lifestyle, and they want to share that with someone.”

Toronto matchmaker Ruth Claramunt related that older clients approach her business, Hearts - - for a more traditional approach to finding a mate. “They say, ‘It’s great to spend time with my kids, but they’re busy. I want that someone special to share life with, to travel with, to go to the theatre,” she told The Star.

A 74-year-old widow told Claramunt that she only wanted companionship, a person to travel with. When she met someone and got married, a cruise was arranged with both families present. She told Claramunt, "I never thought I could fall in love again!"

Traveling plays a big part of retirement and people want a romantic partner as a travelling companion.

Whether you're young or old Valentine's Day holds out the promise of love and romance.

Valentine's Day is observed in many Active Lifestyle and Independent Living residences.