Seniors Help Bring Down Greek Government

Protesters. Dissent. Words associated with young people who are angry with the government. So angry they take to the streets.

In Greece, austerity measures have been undertaken by the conservative New Democracy and centre-left PASOK parties, to hold back the country's economic crisis. Pensions have been cut. Loyal civil servants who worked a lifetime expecting a decent retirement have to go back to work past the age of 70.

Georgios Pasayannis, who worked for the Greek defence ministry helped to bring down the government, and throw the country into political turmoil. Pasayannis told Euronews: “We pay and pay, but we have nothing for it.” The 72-year-old had hoped to retire in Marathon, but - “They cheated us and lied to us for years. They’re a bunch of crooks,” he added to the media source.

Analysts remark that the elderly defected from the ruling parties. Most were loyal voters, but voted against the coalition on May 6. About 30% of Greece’s 9.85 million strong electorate – 2.8 million – is over 65.

Many Greeks, across the political landscape, voted against the coalition government's austerity measures. Many didn't take to the streets, they dissented from their assisted living and continuing care residences.