Senior Prom Celebrated in Assisted Living Community

The Senior Prom is a celebration of high school's finale. Formal attire is donned as young couples pair up for a night of friendship, dancing and celebration.

In Baldwin City, Kansas, senior high schoolers organized a Senior Prom for residents of the Vintage Park Assisted Living Community. Ten students participated. Senior Kat Fritz of the honors’ salon class told the Baker Orange: “It’s not huge, but hopefully it will bring some joy to the lives of seniors."

"That’s all that matters.” Fritz added: “Everyone was in charge of different tasks. A couple people put together the music, a couple people baked cupcakes, some brought decorations.”

80-year-old Vintage Park resident, Barbara Riley, was one of the few residents who danced.

“My husband and I danced all the time when he was alive,” Riley told the Baker Orange. “But we mostly danced to country and western music.”

Most of the assisted living residents used wheelchairs or walkers. Dancing was out of the question. “They just wanted to see the students,” said organizer Brett Knappe.

Kat Fritz remarked: You can learn so much from hanging out with your elders.”