Senior Industry Insider – Remembering 2011

Deep in December, our hearts should remember and follow.

These lyrics are taken from 'Try to Remember', the most famous song in the Off-Broadway play, The Fantasticks. The production began in 1960 and ran for 42 years and 17,162 performances, making it the world's longest-running musical.

Its longevity is testament to its artistic originality and marketability. The Fantasticks is a theatrical thought leader that demonstrates the durability when creators and producers assemble coherent components and perennially carry on.

The Senior Living industry shares many of these same attributes. Leaders in care for older adults will continually direct and respond to changes with the times. So much has evolved since Senior Living pioneers opened residences in the 1960s. The industry has diversified with an elevated quality of care.

At, there's a lot to remember in 2011. This Senior Living Newsletter marks our third year of continuous monthly distribution to industry readers. We’ve developed from tentative beginnings to today's assured approach.

Thanks to talented, dependable contributors who are the key components to making the Newsletter possible and are industry thought leaders.

A special acknowledgement to Michael P. Sullivan, President of 50-Plus Communications Consulting, who has contributed consecutively to every Newsletter from December 2008 to December 2011.

Michael is a Senior Living guru who taps into the cognition and aging process of older adults and provides sales methods for this specialized clientele. He has been named to the advisory board of GRAND magazine. Michael and his wife are greatly inspired by their 14 grandchildren – seven boys and seven girls – from ages three to 18.

Join Michael in an exclusive Webinar, Speaking with seniors: Know what to say – and how to say it. Wednesday, January 11, 2012, 2:00-2:45 pm (EST).

After 3 years, the greatest appreciation goes to Senior Insider readers who make the content viable in the Senior Living space.

Try to remember, and if you remember, then follow.

Music and Lyrics by Harvey Schmidt and Tom Jones.