Senior duo wins comedy award

If you think seniors have lost their sense of humor, look no further than Beryl and Betty.

The duo, formally named Beryl Renwick and Betty Smith, are 86 and 90 years old, and they recently won a widely-respected British radio award, as reported recently in the Daily Mail newspaper.

The two comediennes, who have been hosting a popular comedy radio show on BBC Radio for the last six years, beat out many of the UK’s biggest funnymen when they won a Sony Award.

The Daily Mail reports that Beryl and Betty spend much of the time on their show, “Beryl and Betty with David Reeves” discussing food, fashion and even music. David Reeves is their producer.

“They give a voice to a sector of society unrepresented on radio and do it with a joy that puts many of their fellow broadcasters to shame,” the news source reported the judges as saying.

Beryl and Betty teach that humor is a universal language, and that no one is too old to laugh, and even better, to make other people laugh.

Ninety year-old Betty Smith, one half of the comedy duo, told the newspaper what has made them so successful: “We never stop talking.”

So next time you visit an assisted living community, don't be fooled by appearances, because you might just be talking to an up-and-coming comedy superstar.