Senior Discounts Go the Way of the Dinosaurs

Growing older has its privileges. A cherished perk for the 55+ set has been the senior discount. But with the greying of the American population, senior discounts may be on their way out.

This change could be significant, including early-bird restaurant specials, public transportation deals, lower prices at hotels, museums and movie theaters.

Businesses see the cutting of discounts as necessary. Senior numbers are swelling daily with Baby Boomers entering the ranks of the retired, putting businesses on the hook for lost revenue.

Also, mature adults are often the richest and most monied group in the USA. Discounts would be fairer if distributed to younger generations who are struggling to survive.

Ken Dychtwald, founder of Age Wave, consulting firm specializing in the mature market in Emeryville, California told Alaska Dispatch: "I can't imagine that five years from now any senior discounts will still be available." He added: "It's silly to give the most affluent segment of our society an age-based discount."

Don Campbell, a semiretired journalist in Dayton, Ohio, has similar thoughts. He told the media source: "A lot of people in the 50-to-70 age bracket are among the most affluent in the country." He continued: "What is the logic in giving them a discount just because they've reached age 50, 55, or 67?"

Retirement living will alter drastically if discounts are doused.