Seattle retirement home takes residents to university

Be honest. When you think of typical activities inside a retirement home or assisted living community, what are they? Bingo and shuffleboard might come to mind.

But as reported recently on, a growing number of retirement communities are changing all that.

One such facility is University House Wallingford, located in Seattle, Washington, and affiliated with the University of Washington. According to the news source, University House markets itself as a place for knowledge, and that means instead of bingo nights, it hosts professors and academics who give lectures to residents.

“People are looking for ways to stay young,” Roz Muney, an 87 year-old University House resident, told CNBC. “If you play bingo here, they’d throw you out," she joked.

Other senior living communities have sprouted up, and have built affiliations with schools like Princeton, Cornell, Penn State, and others, according to the news source, and they are part of a wider trend to offer seniors more niche options in their retirement living years.

In addition to university-affiliated residences, communities marketed to LGBT seniors, Asians, and even those with a love for cars and motorboats have been built in recent years. With these trends, it won’t be long until there is a retirement community for every niche imaginable.