Scammers increasingly targeting Alzheimer's patients

Seniors are the favorite target of scammers across North America, and they are often defrauded out of significant amounts of money due to their disposable income and their trustfulness, but a recent news article has highlighted that seniors who suffer from memory loss need to be extra careful about being scammed.

As reported by KEPR of Pasco, Washington, more scam artists are going after seniors with memory loss, dementia and Alzheimer’s in an attempt to capitalize on their poor memory.

“The potential for fraud and abuse with both diagnosed individuals and their loved ones is extremely high,” Bob Le Roy, President of the Alzheimer's Association for Central and Western Washington, told the news source.

Memory loss expert Dr. Gary Small told the media outlet that seniors (or anyone) with memory problems should have close family members or friends helping them with finances to help prevent being victimized. One option could be to take away the checkbook of the person with memory loss, or even change the password for their internet banking.

It may not be an easy decision, but experts say sometimes dramatic steps are needed to help protect the most vulnerable seniors against ruthless scams and frauds.