Retirement too expensive? Try South America

Retirement is a distant dream for many seniors who have little savings and who are concerned about being able to afford no longer working. Working longer hours, and for more years, is an unfortunate decision many Baby Boomers now say they will have to make.

But according to a recent article in US News and World Report, Baby Boomers and retirees-to-be should think outside the box for retirement destinations, as many locations outside North America are priced right. The article listed the top 18 international destinations for Boomers to consider.

First on the list was Panama, which, according to the news source, is a good choice because of its tropical climate, its use of the U.S. dollar as its main currency, as well as its relatively close proximity to North America. Other suggestions for retirees include Medillin, a chic city in northern Colombia, Ireland, attractive for its low real estate prices, Thailand, because of its extremely low cost of living, and parts of Italy, which offer a relaxing, down-to-earth retirement lifestyle for those Baby Boomers looking for a slow pace after decades of work.

And for those requiring more care, assisted living and Alzheimer’s Care communities exist around the world, so geography should be no obstacle for the perfect retirement.