Retirement home women start billiards club

In the 1960s, actor Jackie Gleason popularized billiards for many people when he was the suave pool player in many of his films. Now, one group of women at a retirement home in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania is making playing pool cool once again.

According to a recent article on, four women at the Moravian Manor assisted living community in Lititz, a suburb of Lancaster, come together to play pool every Monday afternoon at their retirement home.

“My children, everyone in my family, was shocked when I talked about playing pool. It's not a ladies' game,” one of the regulars, Janet Birch, 82, told the news source. She said her group started after one of the community’s staff suggested that they begin a women’s pool club, since the men had already started their own.

The other three regulars who play pool every Monday span a large age range: the youngest is 65, while the oldest is 98 years old.

The men’s pool group no longer plays, but there are no signs that the women’s group will stop anytime soon. And while the women told the media outlet they enjoy the game, it still surprises them how they started it at all.

“If you talked to me 20 years ago and said, ‘Do you expect to teach or play pool?’ I would have said, 'You are crazy,’” one of the players, Judy Silverblatt, told the media outlet.