Is retirement harder for childless seniors?

If you’re looking for online retirement advice, you may have come across some commentators who have suggested leaning on your adult children as resources in your retirement, whether for financial, social, emotional or logistical support.

But what about Baby Boomers and seniors without children? Are they at a retirement disadvantage, and if so, what should they do about it?

According to the Nova Scotia Centre on Aging, the increasing numbers of childless Baby Boomers and seniors are creating an increased need for additional informal caregivers, such as siblings, friends, or even extended relatives.

“It is children who have been doing the bulk of the heavy lifting in terms of elder care in this country,” Janice Keefe, the organization’s director, told a press conference at the Canadian Science Policy Conference earlier this week.

“It is one thing to ask a child to help with personal care, but asking a brother or sister to play that role can be a humbling experience,” she said.

In an era with more childless Baby Boomers and seniors, it becomes more important for all levels of government and policy makers to address the changing reality, Keefe told the press conference.

Are you a childless Baby Boomer or senior? Do you think that puts you at a disadvantage, or not? Tell us why in the comment section below.