Retirement Dreams Versus the Global Financial Crisis

The world economy is uncertain, especially with the European debt crisis providing an ominous background.

Cultural guru, Seth Godin, has warned recently: "People are raised on this idea that if they pay their taxes and do what they're told, there's some kind of safety net, or pension plan that's waiting for them." (George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight, But Godin advises people to be wary in an economy that could be forever recessionary.

Across the globe, The Sydney Morning Herald reports that retirement dream are being put on hold for many in the work force.

The online paper points to Shirley White from New South Wales, as a person with clear insight of her retirement goals, who has made her plans pay off. After working 42 years with the charity House with No Steps, including 20 years as chief executive, the next phase of her life is set to be rewarding.

Shirley told The Sydney Morning Herald: "I came home one day and thought, 'Well, that's it. Goodbye to 40 years of work. Now you've got to make sure you fulfill your life and not let it slip by.' So I decided I was going to do all the things I didn't have the time and opportunity to do before - and it's been wonderful.''

To get to the 'good life' she throughly studied superannuation and investments schemes."I always made sure I put more into my super than I had to because I knew that was what was going to get me through the rest of my life,'' she told the media source. She also sat down twice a year with a financial advisor to ensure her plans were in line.

Shirley White utilized her pension planning even though she might be an 'average person' and has escaped the Global Financial Crisis. Her retirement living dreams have been realized.