Retirement communities help ease seniors' downsizing

Over the coming decades, millions of Baby Boomers in North America will retire, and many of them will move into retirement communities and assisted living facilities across the continent. Over the last couple years, however, many seniors have delayed moving into retirement communities because the value of their homes has fallen, making them harder to sell and to make enough profit necessary for the big move.

As reported by, the recent recession has forced many seniors to spend more time selling their homes, and as a result, they are looking for more affordable senior housing options. And retirement communities are helping seniors.

“We could no longer succeed in doing business as usual,” David Moreland, vice president of sales at Shell Point, a retirement community near Fort Myers, Florida, told the news source.

Some of the steps taken by senior living communities, according to the media outlet, include offering discounted entrance fees for many apartments, as well as introducing refund options.

While many retirement communities have offered flexible moving and payment plans for seniors, reported that more experts say 2012 is likely to be a better year for residential real estate, meaning it should be even easier for seniors to move into the community that’s right for them.