Retired police officer goes to fat camp

As has been covered many times on, exercise is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle for any age, including Baby Boomers and seniors. In fact, given the human body’s weakening as it ages, exercise may become increasingly important for seniors.

As reported in the Chicago Tribune newspaper, recently featured the story of a 73 year-old retired police officer from Boston named Paul McDonough who recently undertook a major diet and exercise routine in order to avoid an impending Diabetes diagnosis. His doctor told him that his choice was either to start taking medicine for Diabetes, or to start exercising.

McDonough decided to take the latter choice, and he started in late February with a weight of 231 pounds, and less than two months later he was down to 210 pounds. He told the newspaper that he lost all that weight through a combination of diet and exercise. His daily food limit was 1,700 calories.

During his younger years, McDonough’s career as a police officer made him unhealthier. He told the news source that because he was constantly on the go, he would eat whatever food became available to him, and as a result he consumed more sodium and fat than he should have. Still, after his diet and exercise, his future looks better – and leaner.

And if he ever moves to an assisted living or Alzheimer’s Care community, he’ll be one of the fittest residents there.