Retired carnival worker returns to the midway

George Fania, 68, recently had his wish to return to an Amusements of America carnival granted, thanks to national nonprofit, Twilight Wish Foundation.  Fania, a resident of Summit Ridge Center in West Orange, spent over 40 years of his life working as an electrician, with many of them spent with Amusements of America, working on traveling carnival rides and machinery.

He was forced to retire due to back issues, but misses work, his co-workers and former boss, Morris Vivona very much.  Fania faithfully reads Carnival Magazine to stay abreast of the industry, but still misses that part of his life.

George FaniaFania’s volunteer advocate at his nursing facility, Audrey Larsen, submitted the wish application on his behalf.  Throughout his life, Fania gave back to his community, often donating his services to those less fortunate.

He was also a Scout Master with the Boy Scouts for many years. His wish to revisit an Amusements of America traveling carnival was granted on June 18, 2013 when he was transported from his nursing facility to the St. Gregory the Great carnival in Hamilton Square, NJ.

Fania spent the day with several former co-workers, including former boss, Vivona.  Special thanks to Lifestar who donated the transportation of Fania to and from the carnival.

According to Larsen, who attended the wish granting, Fania was overwhelmed by the event.  “They (his former co-workers) were unbelievable; they spent the entire day with him,” said Larsen. “

George was overjoyed to re-connect with his career and co-workers and hopes to maintain connections with his carnival family.”