Researchers find new way to boost brain power in elderly

There are many ways to a longer, healthier life: physical exercise, mental workouts, and a strong network of friends and family. But a new article from says a positive outlook on life can have a powerful impact on someone’s mental health, for anyone ranging from seniors in an assisted living community to those living at home.

11-19 reports that the researchers, who reported their findings in the medical journal Cognition and Emotion, did not expect that the impact of having a positive attitude would be so pronounced among older people.

“But because of the [mental] declines that come with aging, we weren't sure that a good mood would be able to help older adults,” Ellen Peters, one of the study’s authors, wrote in a press release, according to “So these results are good news.”

In a series of tests, the researchers split participants into two groups, and one group was given small bags of candy, and looked at positive images, while the other group saw neutral images. The researchers found that the group who received the bag of candy responded much better in decision-making later on, leading the scientists to draw a connection between a positive attitude and better mental faculties.

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