Research Hails Berries as Senior Health Benefit

Berries – especially elderberries and blueberries – are a potent source which can offset aging in seniors, writes Berries and berry extracts may be one of the best foods to repair tissue, promote cardiovascular health and improve overall well being.

There has been a berry explosion since scientific discoveries have shown that berries are rich in purple pigments, are heart-protecting,vision-enhancing,cell-defending and stress-reducing.

Studies have focused on purple antioxidant pigments. Oxidation is a primary contributor to disease, and a major process of aging. Antioxidant compounds found in elderberries and blueberries, protect cells in a wide range of ways. These berries also boost the immune system.

Heart protection

Berries reduce oxidation and minimize heart disease, especially heart attacks, and improve the ease of heart function. The elderberry has been singled out as reducing the risk of atherosclerosis, hardening of the arteries.

Vision enhancement

Degeneration of vision is one of the most common problems of aging. Berries safeguard against retinopathy, a condition in which blood accumulates in the retina, leading to impaired vision and blindness in older people.

Stress Reduction

Elderberries appears to reduce stress in the elderly who may suffer from isolation and loneliness.