Reinventing the Wheel for Senior Living

Innovative inventors have populated the 20th century. Thomas Edison invented the phonograph, the motion picture camera, and the electric light bulb. Henry Ford created the assembly line for the Model T automobile. Alexander Graham Bell put together the elements of the telephone. In the 21st Century, digital pioneers like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs have demonstrated new possibilities for computer goods and services. These inventors, scientists and businessmen have proven that progress is developed through new concepts and applications. Is there any purpose of re-inventing the wheel?

The Product Development team at Maddak Inc., of Aids for Daily Living, considered that question and realized the answer was a resounding yes. They tackled the commercial development of the first ever foldable wheelchair wheel. The invention could be of enormous assistance to residents of assisted living and continuing care residences.

Kathleen Hanek, Director of Product Development, said in a company announcement: “A foldable wheel will enable wheelchair users to get their wheelchair and wheels into and out of a car with greater ease, to pack an extra set of wheels in a suitcase when travelling, and to potentially even keep their wheelchair inside the cabin of a plane instead of in stowage. A foldable wheel will increase the user’s independence and make life easier.”

It’s exceptional that an inventor has reinvented the wheel and it will help the senior living industry.