President Obama Proclaims May Older Americans Month

America endured great trials and heralded defining triumphs over the course of the 20th century, and the men and women who saw us through that time remain among our Nation's greatest assets . . . Older Americans continue to steer and enhance our national life. Presidential Proclamation -- Older Americans Month, 2012. Barack Obama.

May is Older Americans Month. The theme for this year is "Never Too Old to Play."

The term 'older American’ refers to a large, rather ambiguous demographic. It's unclear when people become older; what defines this term. Traditionally, older Americans have reached the age of retirement at 65. Over time, 55+ Boomers also have been referred to as older Americans.

America is greying. Gains in life expectancy translate into an aging population. Older Americans need to remain open to play. Lifelong learning and travel ensure openness in the pursuits of knowledge and skills. It exhibits an adventuresome spirit.

Older Americans get a bad rap for being technologically inept compared to younger masters of e-gadgets. But, Baby Boomers and adults over 65 are significant e-book and tablet readers. They have embraced e-reading to carry on their love affair with fiction, research and news.

On the travel front, Baby Boomers have developed a penchant for exotic destinations. The 55+ crowd is fond of Botswana, the Serengeti (Tanzania and Kenya), Machu Picchu and the Galapagos, Costa Rica, India and Vietnam. They are still a generation in motion with global aspirations to discover far-off places.

Older Americans are never too old to play, learn and engage in active lifestyles.