Portland Retirement Residence Goes Green

Mirabella Portland Oregon is a youthful community at heart. Environmental concerns are a major driving force behind this the urban community.

It's LEED certification means it has achieved 'green' status. The U.S. Green Building Council certifies that a senior living community has made a commitment to become environmentally- conscience and verifies governmental standards.

The cutting edge community has gained a reputation of one of America's best assisted living communities. Comforts and conveniences like kayak parking, golf gear storage and a woodworking bench might seem unlikely to outsiders, but not to residents.

Mirabella is expensive. Entrance fees range from $260,000 up to $700,000, and monthly fees of $3,500 to $4,200, plus $854 for a second person. Still, the occupancy rate is 95, reports Associated Press.

Cutting edge, it houses 220 apartments of participatory retirement residents who create novel projects, sit on committees and plan their own events. The bonhomie of the residents is palpable, described by a resident to AP "as people traveling the road of life.”

A Portland State University gerontologist told the AP, "Certainly older people can be seen as stewards.” For more information on eco-friendly retirement residences, read: Can you tell this retirement home is ‘eco-friendly?’