Politicians look to help seniors with transportation

Today’s Baby Boomers are tomorrow’s retirees and seniors, and across North America, for issues of health spending, a major concern among governments and policy makers is providing mobility and transport to these aging citizens.

As reported by Politico.com, a recent gathering of American mayors has moved the issue of seniors to the forefront of discussions about transportation and infrastructure, and some politicians say encouraging seniors to move into denser-population urban areas, instead of suburban or rural locales, will help older people be more mobile.

“The more we can do to attract baby boomers to the heart of the city, the better off our city will be,” Greg Stanton, mayor of Phoenix, Arizona, said at the U.S. Conference of Mayors in Washington, DC.

According to the news source, one likely target of these governmental changes would be older retirees who need urgent medical attention, but do not have cars or drivers licenses, and therefore would likely be rushed to hospital in an ambulance. Such a trip would cost both the senior and the healthcare system.

Seniors who are more mobile are more likely to be social, and social seniors, Politico reports, live longer on average than their peers who have little social interaction.

Are you a retiree or senior? How do you travel around your city or area? Tell us about it in the comment section below: