Is part-time retirement right for you?

By now, it’s a familiar refrain: more Boomers and seniors are having financial difficulties, and as a result, are scaling back their retirement plans and are working longer to help pay the bills.

And while there are many seniors who have decided to work longer and delay retirement, while most still have opted for retirement as early as possible, a third group is now emerging: those who look to retire early, but occasionally return to work. These people are part-time retirees.

As reported by, these ‘On-Again, Off-Again’ retirees like the social and financial benefits of continued employment, but also want the flexibility to decide when they want to work, and when they don’t want to.

The article, written by Dave Bernard, a personal life coach and author, argued that part-time retirees are able to maintain a level of financial stability in retirement, and are able to continue exercising their mental faculties, but are not tied into the stress that is often a part of people’s work lives. Indeed, Bernard says, part-time retirees have the best of both worlds at their fingertips.

Retirement is not what it used to be. Today, it’s possible for a senior to sit in their local assisted living community, anywhere from Tacoma to Texas, and enjoy working, all while relaxing in retirement.