Parrot Whisperers of India are Patron Saints of Birds

C Krishnavenni, 74,  is the bird lady of Sai Nagar, Virugambakkam, India. She wakes up before sunrise to a large flock of colorful chirping parrots waiting to be fed, and rustling their wings.

She is joined by her husband, V Chandrasekar, 77. Krishnavenni told The Times of India: "These parrots are like our children. If you listen closely, you'll realise that their sounds are not a cacophony but more like children calling their parents."

Krishnavenni says she's amazed at the parrots' punctuality. They are like her alarm clock, arriving early every day to wake her.

Over 30 birds feed on the terrace. Mild-mannered parrots wait on a neem tree in front of the house before they join the earlier arrivals.

The couple makes a livelihood by selling flour to neighbourhood houses. They purchase a large quantity of rice from an outlet to make flour. A portion of the rice feeds the birds.

"We ensure that the birds do not go hungry even when we are away, by asking our neighbours to put grain on the terrace every morning and evening," Krishnaveeni told The Times of India.

Bird feeding is a relaxing recreational activity in Assisted Living and Continuing Care residences.