Optimistic seniors live longer than their peers: study

Do you consider yourself a pessimist? If so, changing your outlook on life could cut down on illness and help prolong your lifespan, according to a recent article in the Huffington Post.

A study from the Yale School of Public Health has found that older people who have a generally positive view about aging are more likely to recuperate from a serious illness than those who were more pessimistic about the idea of aging.

“This result suggests that how the old view their aging process could have an effect on how they experience it,” Becca Levy of Yale University said in an official press release.

According to the study, respondents classified as pessimistic were less likely to perform certain actions after an illness, including dressing, bathing, walking, and getting up from a chair.

Ten years ago, Levy conducted a similar study, and found that those with positive views of aging were likely to have longer life expectancies by nearly eight years.

Researchers say one of the reasons optimistic attitudes about aging tends to correlate with better recuperation from injuries, and longer life expectancies, is because they frequently make healthier lifestyle choices, including exercise and nutrition. After all, staying healthy in retirement is one of the best ways to live longer.

What kind of thinker are you? Are you optimistic or pessimistic about your own aging?