November is Alzheimer's Awareness month

November is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month in the United States, and there are about four million Alzheimer’s sufferers in the U.S. Many people live in Alzheimer’s Care facilities across North America to help care for their illness, while others do not have that level of support.

For those Alzheimer’s sufferers who do not live in Alzheimer’s Care facilities and are watched by family members, recently presented a number of tips which can help keep those with dementia.

“Families are worried their loved one will leave the stove on in the kitchen, or they're annoyed when their loved one asks the same question over and over again,” Lawrence Schonfeld, an Alzheimer’s expert, told the news source, adding that wandering is a major danger, but is often ignored.

Watch for the dangerous signs. The article suggests that families need to watch out for changing behavior in their loved ones, and if they start making unusual statements, it could mean they are disoriented and plan on going somewhere where they could hurt themselves or others.

Also remember to distract the sufferer. If your parent or loved one says they are ‘Going to work,’ for example, try getting their mind off it by asking them to look for something around the house.