New Year's Resolution for Seniors

One of the major themes in 2012 was the implications of an ageing population.

Prejudice Against the Elderly

A major challenge on the political 2013 agenda is the 'demographic time bomb' according to the English online source, thisis Somerset. An answer involves a thorough review of the country's aging demography with The Number One resolution – tackling prejudice aimed at the elderly.

There are more than 10 million people over the age of 65 in Britain. Add on the pressure of a growing 85-plus population, and the resolution to take seriously the aging demographic becomes clear.

Older Adults Living Longer Lives

English society's response to older adults has been unsatisfactory, wrote the media outlet. Many elderly are enjoying longer lives. This source of happiness is not celebrated, but bemoaned. Younger generations long for longevity, too.

Casting the aging population as a social burden is offensive. Progress towards a comprehensive policy for the elderly has been unacceptably slow, probably because of the money involved.

Cost of Retirement Pensions Presents Challenge

The cost of retirement pensions still presents a challenge to the England. 2012 showed an inability to provide for the senior citizens' needs. thisis Somerset called for "a coordinated, flexible mix of social care and health services," but maintained that the goal is nowhere in sight.

In North America, the demographic time bomb may force changes in Assisted Living and Continuing Care residences.