New technology could keep seniors driving longer

In many states and provinces, seniors who turn 80 years old must re-apply for their drivers licenses and ensure that their driving skills have not been diminished by eyesight or related changes.

As a result, not all seniors can continue driving the way they might like to, but thanks to a new technology, that could change.

As reported in the Chicago Tribune newspaper, the ‘Granny Nav’ (as in Navigator) technology is being developed in England as part of the UK Research Council in its goal to help seniors improve their navigational skills while driving.

This means that seniors who find themselves forgetting where they’re going, or where they were coming from will be able to be on the road longer.

‘For many older people, particularly those living alone or in rural areas, driving is essential for maintaining their independence, giving them the freedom to get out and about without having to rely on others,” one of the project’s lead researchers, Phil Blythe, said in a statement.

The Tribune quoted Blythe as saying that many seniors should be able to continue driving, but because of their poor navigational skills, are not able to.

This new technology could potentially mean more seniors across North America, whether living at home or in assisted living communities, will be back on the road.