New technologies will help seniors work longer

Across North America, Baby Boomers are looking to work longer than ever before. For many, retirement at 60 or 65 isn’t a reality, and perhaps for others, not even a dream. But with increasing health issues, many Boomers may find it difficult to continue working a full schedule as they did before.

According to a recent article in the Ottawa Citizen, Canadian researchers are busy creating inventions which will help aging Boomers feel happier and healthier in the workplace, and help them avoid injuries as a result.

“If you've got people living longer, and they're reasonably healthy, they need to be able to work,” Gloria Gutman, a gerontologist at Simon Fraser University.

Some of the projects currently being researched or developed include office floors made of flexible materials so that if an employee were to fall, the injury would be significantly minimized, as well as mobile medication alerts, and a heart monitor, injected into the bloodstream, which would allow doctors to track the blood pressure of their patient from another location.

Of course, not ever senior in their 70s or 80s will be working; many will live in assisted living or Alzheimer’s Care communities. But for those who do continue to work, these researchers are helping them stay safe and injury-free.