National Brain Game Calls Attention to Rise of Alzheimer's

Brain games, puzzles, crosswords. All keep the mind active, busy and focused. There's anecdotal evidence that games help delay the onset of Alzheimer's.

In late September, the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America (AFA) sponsored the National Brain Game Challenge. There were many challengers for the prize money of $5,000.00 but Jeffrey Harris, a 26-year-old crossword buff from Norwalk, CT won, hands down.

Contestants were faced with puzzles of unusual shapes and word twists, so Harris's triumph was well-deserved.

“I really enjoyed the puzzles! Very entertaining, and full of great wordplay, as one would expect," Harris told the Norwalk Patch.

A self-described crossword junkie, Harris had no clue how long it would take him to solve the National Brain Game Challenge. “The puzzles were certainly harder than many themed crosswords I've done. A lot of effort went into both the big picture theme and the individual clues, which made them quite fun,” he told the media source.

AFA sponsored the National Brain Game Challenge to call attention to the rising incidence of Alzheimer’s disease and to promote successful aging. The game also serves as an excellent fund raiser. Eric J. Hall, AFA’s president and CEO, described Brain benders as "good for brain health". Hall said; “Our message is to be proactive. With Alzheimer’s disease impacting a growing number of Americans, people of all ages need to do activities like crosswords that may help minimize risk factors.”

Down the line, Nursing Care and Alzheimer's Care research will benefit.