More seniors moving to college towns

If you think college is just a memory for seniors, don’t tell that to Al Green.

According to a recent article in USA Today, Green is a resident of The Village at Penn State, a retirement and assisted living community in State College, Pennsylvania, which is also home to Pennsylvania State University.

“We were tired of looking at old people, and we wanted to get to a place where there was a little more vibrancy, a little more to do,” Green told the news source about the move back to State College, where in 1947 he graduated university. Some of Green’s past activities include seeing friends at a local bar, attending sports games, and playing bridge.

According to the article, more seniors are being drawn to college towns because they offer new opportunities for learning, activities, sports games, and a general change of pace.

In addition, many college towns also offer teaching hospitals, dental schools and other medical services which can help keep seniors healthy.
And the benefits aren’t just limited to seniors, either.

Some local university students use the proximity to retirement living communities as an opportunity to volunteer and spend more time with seniors than they otherwise would.