More seniors are dating online

It may surprise you to discover that the fastest-growing age group using online dating websites like and eHarmony isn’t teenagers or even twenty-somethings, but seniors.

Today, as reported recently on WTHI television in Indiana, dozens of dating websites specifically catering to seniors have sprouted up. Some of them are,, SilverSingles, and many others.

One senior who was interviewed for the article, Carol Mace, told the news source that ever since her husband died, she felt lonely, but didn’t think to look online for dating opportunities.

“I always figured meeting people in person would be the better way to meet people,” she said.

But she has since changed her mind. Today, she is a regular on online dating sites geared towards seniors, and she told the media outlet that she decided to look into online dating when she considered the vast amount of information online.

“There's so much you can do on the internet anymore that now it doesn't surprise me that they have dating sites on there as well,” she said.
As this trend grows, more seniors will be dating online no matter where they live, whether it’s on their own, with their grown children, or even at assisted living and Alzheimer’s Care communities.