More retirement homes are becoming luxurious

Going on a cruise ship is a luxurious experience. Food is plentiful, the scenery is gorgeous, there is nonstop entertainment, friendly staff, and a cheery atmosphere. According to a recent article on CTV,ca, that is what increasing numbers of retirement living seniors are looking for in their retirement communities and assisted living facilities.

Samir Manji, CEO of the Canadian retirement company Amica, told that retirement living has changed significantly over the years, and many retirees are looking for the luxuries that it can offer.

He added that for past generations, people associated retirement homes and assisted living facilities with depression, but that it is completely different today.

“Over the last decade or so, we’ve witnessed a paradigm shift to creating environments that are no longer places where you go to die, but … offer the equivalent to cruise ship living on land,” he said.

Chartwell, another large Canadian senior living company, also has many properties across the country, and one of their executives told the media outlet that there is more widespread wealth in North America now than in the past, and that these boomers and seniors are demanding better service and more amenities than their parents or grandparents ever asked for.