More 20-somethings living in retirement homes

In the United States, the average age of a new arrival to a nursing care community is nearly 80 years old. But with millions of people living in senior living communities, there’s a lot of diversity and variety that few people know about. For starters, many people living in senior living communities aren’t senior at all.

As reported by MSNBC, there is a growing trend for younger people to live in nursing care and assisted living communities; in fact, they report that as many as one in seven residents of these communities are under the age of 65.

Some of them, like 26 year-old Adam Martin, are living there, at least temporarily, due to injuries, and these homes have the care, attention and resources needed for someone recuperating.

For others, according to MSNBC, they choose nursing homes because they are often cheaper for insurance companies than stays in hospital.

As reported on recently, there is a wide range of retirement living options across North America, from affordable homes to very upscale resorts, and there are also many types of care available, for those fully independent and adventurous to those who need constant care.

But as North America’s population ages, and more seniors move into senior living communities, they will be joined by many more young people as well.