Mitt Romney visits Florida retirement home

Retirement living seniors and Baby Boomers are frequently the target of election campaigns, and for good reason: they are the fastest-growing population group in North America, and they tend to have a great deal of disposable income.

And now, with the 2012 American presidential election campaign heating up, candidates are appealing for support from American seniors.

According to a recent article on, Republican candidate Mitt Romney recently spoke at a Florida retirement home to discuss social security and his plans for the program.

“Let’s get Social Security working for the coming generations as it has worked for the current and past generations. Let’s solve and save Social Security,” Romney told the retirement home seniors, according to the news source. Social security has been a hot political topic recently, as Romney’s main challenger, Texas Governor Rick Perry, has called the program a Ponzi scheme.

According to the media outlet, Romney told the assembled crowd that while the management of social security has not been perfect over the years, the program itself is solid, and for retirement living seniors who rely on social security, as well as Baby Boomers who plan to rely on it in the coming years, should not expect any problems.

With the 2012 election approaching, expect more politicians to appear at local assisted living communities across the United States.