Michigan Seniors go Trick-or-Treating

Halloween is for kids. Everybody knows that. Trick or treat? Costumes and jack-o-lanterns. The endless search for candy. What could be better on a cool autumn's eve?

Older Adults in Troy, MI, decided to go against the grain this year by revisiting their youth and attending their own Halloween party courtesy of the American House Senior Living facility. They went all out by decorating several rooms and designing a creepy graveyard outside the building. Several other rooms were created in a similar spooky motif, including a room with corpses.

Debbie Smith, the executive director of American House, told The Daily Tribune: "When you look at it this year, it's so different. The residents have just blossomed."

"One nice thing about it is it's a group effort," said American House resident Kathy Kenney. "All of us have put our two cents in," she told the media source.

The American House will employ a professional organist to sparkle party-goers and a makeup artist will offer professional makeup.

"The overall feeling is amazing. The residents remember Halloween when they were living in their homes," Smith said.

Taking part in events associated for children, Halloween and Christmas, make for good feelings in Active Lifestyle and Independent Living.