Meet South Carolina's 'Silver Haired Legislature'

Surveys consistently show politicians to be one of the least-respected professions in North America, along with lawyers, real estate agents, insurance sales representatives, and bankers.

But lucky for South Carolina seniors, there is one group of legislators who are different: the South Carolina Silver Haired Legislature.

As reported in The Sun News, a Myrtle Beach newspaper, the legislature is made up of a group of older volunteers who research, debate and discuss issues of interest to the South Carolina seniors. And once a year, the nonpartisan group reports its findings and conclusions to state politicians once per year.

There are about 150 members of the Silver Haired Legislature across the state, but one member told the newspaper that the organization is having difficulty finding and recruiting new volunteer legislators.

“Lately, we have not had much success in getting people to show up,” Edward Holowacz of Myrtle Beach told the news outlet. “I’ve got three vacancies in Georgetown that I can’t fill. I can’t get people interested.”

South Carolina isn’t the only state with such a group. In fact, the first Silver Haired Legislature was created in Missouri, and today 31 states across the U.S.  have their own Silver Haired Legislatures.