Meet Allan Stewart, 97 year-old university graduate

Allan Stewart is not a man who’s planning on slowing down anytime soon. Stewart, a 97 year-old Australian dentist, recently became the world’s oldest university graduate for a second time after completing his Master’s degree in clinical science, according to a recent article by Agence France-Press.

Stewart is already listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s oldest university graduate because at the age of 91, he graduated from law school, which he began while in his eighties to help keep his mind sharp.

“People should never use the excuse that 'I am too old to study' or 'I have left my run too late,” he told the news source.

Some of the other ways Stewart strengthens his mind is by regularly reading medical textbooks, fiction books, as well as playing crossword puzzles.

Stewart is a father of six children, a grandfather of 12, and a great-grandfather of six, and he lives about 100 miles north of Sydney in a small town called Port Stephens.

The lesson from Stewart is valid for anyone in North America, too, whether living at home or in an assisted living community: the better we take care of our brains, the healthier we will be.