Marriage losing popularity among seniors

Statistics show that fewer young couples are opting for marriage, but a new study from India suggests that seniors are starting to move away from marriage, as well.

As reported on, a non-profit organization in India called Vina Mulya Amulya Seva (Priceless Service) has the aim of introducing prospective partners, without charging them anything. At a recent event in the Indian city of Ahmadabad, three thousand people over the age of fifty registered with the organization, and about a thousand of them wrote in their applications they prefer a live-in companionship option, rather than marriage.

“The way our society is moving, live-in companionship among senior citizens is one revolutionary development. This may become a way of life in probably the next ten to 15 years,” 67 year-old Kanan Rathore told the news outlet.

Natubhai Patel, the 60 year-old founder of the Priceless Service organization, said one of the reasons behind the growing number of seniors who are opting out of marriage is because they want to avoid many of the complications associated with marriage, including legal issues and inheritance problems.

If this trend is growing in North America as well, perhaps more retirement homes and assisted living communities will start hosting dating programs for seniors.