Maids Learn ElderCare through App

Singapore, a city-state with over 5 million people, lays at the southern tip of Malaysia. This diverse showcase of Chinese, Malays and Indians, possesses a growing ageing population in an expensive city.

Maids Learn ElderCare through App

Singaporean couples are double earners and can't afford to stay at home to caretake elderly relatives. The solution has become to hire maids as caretakers, writes the

To help out, is touting a new app called Medically Informed Minders (MiM). The app presents a course covering the common physical, mental and social elderly changes and equips maids with basic medical knowledge.

MiM is available in English, Tagalog and Bahasa Indonesia and offers specific skills and common medical knowledge related to caring for stroke or dementia sufferers.  Filipina Rubie Benito, 28, hopes that the MiM course she took recently will increase her chance of getting a job as a Singapore maid.

Dr. Bruce Clark, a Mature Market authority from California, is the moving force behind the BorderlessMinders app.

Many caregivers are employing apps in the USA and Canada.