Is learning new things harder for seniors?

When it comes to seniors and technology, a persistent stereotype continues that they aren’t interested in learning about new technology, but one group at an assisted living community in New York City recently gathered to defy that belief.

As reported in the Los Angeles Times, the Hallmark assisted living community in Manhattan hosted dozens of seniors recently in a learning session aimed at teaching residents about Facebook, Google, smart phones and other new technologies.

The instructors at Hallmark were students at Pace University who earned credits towards their program by volunteering teaching seniors how to use computer technologies.

“Let's face it — 20% of the population is going to be over 65 by 2050,” Jean Coppola told the news source. Coppola, a professor at Pace University, launched the program in 2005.

A number of Hallmark residents told the news source that they were initially hesitant to start learning about computers, but they have all found it rewarding, even if it’s still a difficult learning curve. Many of the seniors interviewed said the major impetus for their learning about computers was to stay in touch with friends and family living in other cities.

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