How Yoga can Benefit the Elderly

Gone are the days when getting old meant that seniors were supposed to simply sit in a comfortable rocking chair and let time and activities pass them by. Now, a crucial part of life for the elderly is looking for ways to stay healthy while aging. One of those ways to promote greater health is to take up yoga which is a terrific way to exercise in a very low-impact way.

For many seniors the idea of regular exercise can be a bit intimidating due to the fear of falling or perhaps putting stress on their body. Well, you need not have to worry one bit with yoga. The postures that you undertake during your exercise are based upon your own practices and not based upon competing with others. So in effect you regulate how much exercise you need without stress or worry.

Yoga can improve healthExercise with a Partner

While using yoga as a means to stay healthy and fit, you can also benefit by joining in with others. Again, you are not competing with your fellow yoga partners. But the fellowship is great for mutual encouragement as well as celebration of success after each yoga workout.

Increase Body Flexibility

One of the nagging issues which many elderly confront is the dwindling flexibility they have in movement. Well, you can increase that limberness with regular yoga and this will result in less likelihood of accidental falls due to inflexible body limbs. It assures greater balance as well.

Reduces Stress

Part of regular yoga exercise for the elderly is the enhancement of reduced stress levels. This is accomplished in a couple of neat ways. For instance, the breathing exercises allow you to promote greater breathing capacity. You also will notice that your standing and even sitting posture will be enhanced. This will allow you to have better balance as well as physical strength in your legs. In the end you will worry less and have less stressful episodes.

Mental Alertness Increases

One of the best benefits that the elderly will experience is the growing alertness in daily tasks that may not have been possible beforehand. Consider that your improved breathing exercises that go along with your yoga allow more oxygen to be delivered to the brain. This promotes greater alertness and the daily or regular yoga routines improve memory too.

Yoga is not a magic bullet that will cure all the ills that many elderly have in their lives, but it is guaranteed to help bring back much of the vitality that may be missing from it. So, have fun creating your own yoga routine! There is certainly nothing to lose and a greater healthier longer life to gain. Be sure to speak with your physician before starting any exercise regime.