How to know when it's time for a hearing aid

Sometimes an elderly family member that's losing their hearing may not even know it, and sometimes they might be too ashamed to admit it. If an elderly family member has experienced one or more of the problems listed below make sure they see an ear doctor because they might just need a hearing aid.

1. Say 'What' A lot

One of the best ways to tell if an elderly family member needs a hearing aid is if they cannot hear what you are saying. If they say the word "what" more often than usual, then they are having trouble processing what you are saying.

2. Misunderstand What You Say

If they cannot follow a conversation then they might need a hearing aid. This is especially true if they are misunderstanding words and have to constantly ask for clarification on what you just said. During a conversation with an elderly family member be on the lookout for if they are frequently starting sentences with "Did you just say..."

Hearing loss is common among older people

3. TV Volume is Set High

Another sign if your elderly family member needs a hearing aid is if they always have the television set at a high volume. If they live alone this could be a hard sign to detect. Whenever you visit make sure to let them set the volume on the television to see if they need it at a high level.

4. Trouble Hearing on the Phone

Talking in person is one thing, but on the phone is a whole different ball park because you can manually set the phone to a high level. If you notice the phone volume is set high that could be a sign they cannot hear the person on the other end at a normal volume. If they live alone, make sure to see what the volume is set to on their personal phone.

5. Become Frustrated During Conversations

If you find that an elder family member becomes frustrated during conversations they might need a hearing aid. The frustration stems from them not being able to fully understand what people are saying. If you find they do become frustrated during conversations take a minute to ask if they are angry with you, or if they are having trouble hearing you.

6. Become Withdrawn

Losing your hearing is nothing to be ashamed of, but sometimes people are and that can lead to them being withdrawn. If an elderly family member begins to lose their hearing that might cause them to avoid social occasions. If you notice they are not attending events or family gatherings like they used too then it could be a sign they need a hearing aid.

7. Complain People Mumble Too Much

When someone begins to lose their hearing they begin to think people are mumbling when they are speaking clearly. If you hear an elderly family member constantly say that people are mumbling or not speaking clearly, they might need a hearing aid.