How to find the best online financial advice

If you’re looking for online financial advice, there’s plenty to be found. But with so much planning, there are a lot of variables, and no amount of money will be right for everybody.

A recent article on provides five questions prospective retirees need to ask themselves when they are planning for retirement. If you ask these questions, you'll be on your way to finding the best financial advice online.

1/ What do you plan on doing in retirement? If your idea of a dream retirement is relaxing at home, visiting friends and family, and occupying yourself with hobbies, that will require far less money than if you hope to travel the world in your retirement.

2/ Have you ever seen your stock portfolio fall? Over time, stocks rise and fall, but if you plan to retire at a certain point and your portfolio is down, it may force you to make some financial decisions.

3/ Are you the family breadwinner? If you are the primary income earner, have you thought about how your spouse or family members feel about that loss of income.

4/ Will your health be the same in retirement? A major benefit of a full-time job is the consistency and regularity it provides. Without that, it’s easy to become less physically active.

5/ What’s your alternative? In the event your financial plans fall through, do you have other options?