Holiday season brings boost in elder care needs

Holidays are a good time to check in on aging parentsThe holiday season is here, and with it comes family gatherings and celebrations. This can be quite trying for family caregivers, as they face additional challenges during this time of year. However, there are programs and tips that can help make these upcoming weeks easier.

A recent report by ComPsych showed that there is a 20 percent increase elder care over the holiday season. Caregivers may use it because they need an extra hand while they prepare for the holidays, or families may seek it out when they realize that their aging loved one can no longer live independently.

When visiting an aging parent, there are signs that can show that the senior may benefit from an assisted living facility. For example, if they look as if they are not eating enough or that their home is in need of some care, it may mean that they need a little extra help. Many times seniors are happy to move into retirement living communities, where they can live among their peers with fewer everyday stresses of homemaking.